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The Turn of the Screw (Abstract)

The Turn of the Screw Abstract by Michael Wheatley

Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw genuinely freaked me out.
Enjoy this Abstract poem which succeeds in removing all that fear and tension.


The Turn of the Screw

A young lady becomes the nanny for a shit dad who lost his wife. The dad never comes back. The kids aren’t shit, but little Stephen Hawkins’s. Then she sees a ghost. Quint? A glint, glimpse, of a ghostly apparition. On a staircase. She thinks she’s going mad. Now the kids are driving her mad. At night, she checks on the girl. She sleeps by candlelight. She looks to the courtyard and sees the boy, looking at her, through her, above her. Ghost. They go to a lake and the ghosts follow them, so they go back. The kids are really quite awful now. Or, they’re not. She’s scared to death. She gets scared, helps the boy. She gets scared, and tries to help the boy. She gets scared, and shakes him to death.

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