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The Hellbound Heart (Abstract)

Clive Barker Hellbound Heart Abstract Michael Wheatley

Seems like I’m going to have to read The Hellbound Heart again because it sounds like a riot.
Enjoy this Abstract!


The Hellbound Heart

S&M kink demons came to Earth, hooked chains into Frank, and tore him to chunks. Frank’s wife or later wife or never wife, but definitely a bitch, seduces then slaughters men. FrankenFrank drinks their blood. He reassembles his body in coagulatory fashion. His niece, who he may want to fuck, finds a puzzle box. Lament Configuration. Solves it, summons them. S&M kink demons come to Earth. She bargains, they accept. Leads them to the man who dodged demon death. The bitch dies. FrankenFrank gets torn apart. But the heroine, Shirley?, surely not, learns kink demons don’t deal. They try to drag her to hell. She escapes, somehow. The puzzle box falls into blood stained hands.

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