God Help the Child

Quiet Violence in Toni Morrison’s God Help the Child

We live in a society of violence. We see it on the news, where casualties are reduced to death counts. We see it in politics, where wars are launched against drugs, disease, and immigrants. We even see it in our conversations, where our phones are frequently dead and we could kill are friends.

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The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham

Evolutionary Threats in John Wyndham’s The Midwich Cuckoos

The village of Midwich blacks out. In the height of the Cold War, the military fear a Russian chemical weapon, but no evidence can be found. Then, with as little fuss as they slept, Midwich wakes. Every woman of child-bearing age is pregnant.

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Michael Wheatley Halloween Horror Books

31 horror books which made me

Growing up reading about ghosts, ghouls and gore can be a strange experience, but it can also be a formative one. As Halloween draws to a close, here are the 31 horror books which shaped my interests and my personality. The 31 horror books which made me.

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Alan Fielden Marathon JAMS Review

‘Marathon’ review – Alan Fielden’s genre-defying odyssey

Two years ago, during my undergraduate degree, I had the privilege of being taught playwriting by someone whose passion was inspirational. Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing his work.

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Haunted Abstract by Michael Wheatley

The Unadapted: ‘Haunted’ by Chuck Palahniuk

Not every book claws its way to the silver screen. Be it because they're too drenched with gore, too dark, or just too damn weird, a host of horror writing stirs silent and underappreciated. These are The Unadapted.

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The Art of Writing Fiction Michael Wheatley

Exercise Eleven, Part Two: 12 Hour Automatico

For twelve hours, on the hour, I wrote five minutes of uninterrupted automatic writing. No targets, no intentions, just going with whatever was in my head at that moment. With the previous exercise having failed completely, I decided to invent my own.

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