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Ecosystem Poetry by Michael Wheatley

‘Ecosystem’ is a more serious environmental poem following ‘Ode to Lilies’
It uses the form of a petrarchan sonnet to consider the impact of deforestation.
Hope you enjoy!


Under trees that drip with dew, young girls walk,
their plimsolls to soil and ears to the bark,
wandering daily ‘til flowers turn dark,
they then sit above roots, whisper and talk.

The roots whisper back, and up trees they stalk,
then reach for those young girls, their contours stark,
the roots wrap around, imprinting their mark,
their muscles relax: their eyes become chalk.

Those young girls then walk, at one with the wood,
they root to the ground: nature’s sentinel:
but the men with machines beckon their end.
They trample the girls with chlorophyll blood,
blind the wood to their man-made spectacle.
Leave it all behind for others to mend.

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