‘A Nightmare’ is a poem born from an actual nightmare of mine, transferred into a poem through automatic writing.
The art is ‘The Nightmare’ by Henry Fuseli, one of my favourite paintings
Hope you enjoy!


A Nightmare

my head hits the common room desk and
are you okay some people ask
they strike me as
some friends
and i
i start to bleed and it reaches
my forehead before my head
reaches the common room desk
again with intoxicating impact
and it isn’t even mine
before i bled but now i bleed
from head to chin to neck too
i smile
are you okay
i laugh
and blood anoints the common room desk and
i fall through a door and
i fall down the stairs and
are you okay
the fool i
i laugh but can’t see
as blood reaches down my throat
and i am in the library
and i rush in to the library
and the woman says
you can’t come in here
and there are men in suits
and i scream
i’m bleeding


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Michael Wheatley

I am a postgraduate writer of experimental, literary horror at Royal Holloway, University of London. My work aims to portray warped images of cultural issues as a means of scaring readers into caring. This blog is a creative outlet for all of my poetry, prose and opinion pieces.